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A Lap of Generosity: Phoenix Racing's Charitable Contributions to 88 Live To Ride, Inc.

In the world of competitive racing, where speed and skill take center stage, it's always heartening to see the racing community come together for a greater cause. Phoenix Racing, a prominent name in the racing scene, has exemplified this spirit through their Charity Lap Program, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of many, including 88 Live To Ride, Inc.

During the 2023 race season, Phoenix Racing took their commitment to philanthropy to new heights by initiating a Charity Lap Program. The program saw a remarkable collaboration between Phoenix Racing and their team riders Joel Hetrick from the ATVMX National Series and Brycen Neal and Grayson Eller from the GNCC series. For every race lap completed by these talented competitors, Phoenix Racing pledged a generous donation of $10 to 88 Live To Ride, Inc.

The Impact:

As the laps accumulated, so did the funds for 88 Live To Ride, Inc. By the time both the ATVMX and GNCC seasons concluded, the collective effort had resulted in an astounding $4,190.00 donation to 88 Live To Ride, Inc.

88 Live To Ride, Inc. extends its deepest gratitude to Phoenix Racing for their unwavering support and commitment to making a positive impact. The Charity Lap Program not only showcased the athletic prowess of Joel Hetrick, Brycen Neal, and Grayson Eller but also highlighted their shared commitment to giving back to our racing community.

The generosity displayed by the Phoenix Racing team serves as a reminder that the racing community is not only about speed on the track but also about compassion and solidarity off the track. The 88 Live To Ride, Inc. team looks forward to continuing this journey of collaboration, camaraderie, and charitable impact in the seasons to come.

2024 Plans:


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