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88 Live To Ride, Inc. Celebrates Record-Breaking Annual Loretta Lynn's Auction in 2023

The 2023 Annual Loretta Lynn's Auction emerged as a monumental success for 88 Live To Ride, Inc. The culmination of support from teams, individual racers, businesses, and caring individuals resulted in a fundraising total of $42,000.00. This extraordinary achievement is a testament to the strength and solidarity within the ATVMX community.

Held at the final race of the ATVMX National series season, the Loretta Lynn's Auction has become a cornerstone event for those eager to make a difference in the lives of fellow racers and their families. The generosity displayed through donations and contributions has established the auction as not only an annual tradition to the racing season but also a platform for giving back to the community.

Empowering Trackside First Aid:

The $42,000.00 raised during the auction holds the promise of enhanced trackside first aid services provided by 88 Live To Ride, Inc. This crucial support directly benefits riders and their families during race weekends, ensuring that they receive prompt and efficient medical assistance when needed. The impact of this financial injection goes beyond numbers; it represents a commitment to the well-being of the ATVMX community.

The success of the Annual Loretta Lynn's Auction would not have been possible without the unwavering support of the ATVMX community. 88 Live To Ride, Inc. extends heartfelt gratitude to the teams, individual racers, businesses, and caring individuals who opened their hearts and wallets to make this event a resounding success.


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